Tropical Health Food (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1994 to process and export organic foods for European Market. Company is an approved project of Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) and is 100% foreign investment from Germany. Company is the first Organic Food Exporting Company in Sri Lanka under organic certification of Control Union-Netherland.

“Our vision is the commitment to produce organic products using organically grown fruits, processed under hygienic conditions and to be among the best organic producers in the world”

Organic Cultivation & Processing Project in Sri Lanka

Mr. Orhan Yilmaz (Resident in Germany) is the owner, Chairman/Managing Director of Tropical Health Food (Pvt) Ltd, selected Sri Lanka for this special project mainly due to admirable & unique flavor of its tropical fruits. Out of available varieties in Sri Lanka we have selected the best for our customers. Out of varieties of tropical fruits, Mauritius Pineapple and KarthaKolomban Mango of Sri Lanka are the sweetest of all, hence have created a large demand over others.

We carefully select fruit & coconut palm growers from different Agro-ecological zones that suit the best fields with ideal climatic conditions, soils & farming practices. Then farmers are trained on the concepts and techniques of modern organic agriculture which they have to combine with their traditional cultivation secrets.

We produce annually 3000MT of Pineapple, 100 MT of Mango, 100 MT of Banana, 115 MT of Ripe and Young Jackfruits. Throughout the year we produce different kinds of Tropical fruits with ideal quality & taste.

Quality Management & Production

We are committed to provide premium quality food that is safe and meets the expectations of our buyers and end consumers. The fruit –processing is done by fully mechanized with modern facilities. Operational methods, on line analysis and procedures are followed in order to avoid the destruction of the nutrient content and natural flavor in the finished products.

  The factory with the capacity of 8,000 jars per day follow up the ICS procedures confirming traceability of the organic status in the production line and maintain the highest quality with hygienic and food safety systems. The highest attention is given to ICS procedures when producing mixed products such as Mango in mixed juice & mixed fruit in order to maintain the traceability.

The workforce is made aware of Personal Hygienic – practices required to implement the International Food safety Standards and awareness of customer specifications. Quality check in each step starting from raw materials intake is done with well trained qualified staff and with well equipped laboratory. Batch wise sampling, Sample analyzes and keeping proper records are used as tools in quality Assessments.

The quality Management system has upgraded to enhance quality, safety and legality of end products while all products are produced using high quality fresh fruits which are stored with batch numbers which batch code help for entire documentation process.

Coconut products are processed at outsourced factories which are also certified as organic processing units and are carefully supervised by the ICS team. Coconut milk, Creamed coconut, Desiccated coconut and Virgin Coconut Oil are some of Coconut based products manufactured in specialized factories.

Certification & Traceability

All of our products are certified as organic under international EU organic certified by Control Union (CU) Certifications of Netherlands. Also our products are certified by Naturland, BRC, ISO22000. All field units and processing units are inspected by CU Inspectors which also supplemented by regular inspections team and Internal Controlling System (ICS). The traceability of each and every product is maintained from the origin to export & documented transparently.

The ICS and the qualified ICS team is monitoring every step of fields function and factory production according to well established procedures to have accurate traceability.